HMS Royal William (1833)
HMS Royal William (1833)

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NameRoyal William (1833)Explanation
TypeFirst rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched (Sail)2 April 1833 Converted to screw9 February 1860
HullWooden Length217 feet
PropulsionSail Men830
Builders measure2694 tons Builders measure (as screw)2694 tons
Displacement  Displacement (as screw)4579 tons
Guns120 Guns (as screw)89
Fate1899 Last in commission-
Class  Class (as screw)Caledonia
Ships book   
Snippets concerning career prior to conversion
2 April 1833Launched as 1st rate sailing ship at Pembroke Dockyard
January 1840Out of commission at Plymouth
16 February 1854
- 16 June 1856
Commanded by Captain John Kingcome, flagship of Commodore Michael Seymour, guard ship of Ordinary, Devonport, flagship of dockyard superintendent Commodore Michael Seymour and later James Hanway Plumridge
16 June 1856
- 5 May 1857
Commanded by Captain Frederick Hutton, flagship of Rear-Admiral James Hanway Plumridge, guard ship of Ordinary, Devonport
5 May 1857
- 31 March 1859
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain Woodford John Williams, guard ship of Ordinary, Plymouth (replaced by Royal Adelaide)
Career as unarmoured wooden screw vessel
9 February 1860Completed as screw at Devonport Dockyard
 Never fitted for sea as screw
1885Renamed Clarence, training ship in the Mersey (lent to Liverpool Roman Catholic Reformatory Society to replace previous Clarence deliberately burned by inmates 1884.01)
26 July 1899Burnt by accident

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