HMS Worcester (launched as Frederick William, 1860)
HMS Worcester (launched as Frederick William, 1860)

The Royal Navy

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NameWorcester (launched as Frederick William, 1860)Explanation
TypeFirst rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched24 March 1860 Converted to screwon the stocks
HullWooden Length214 feet
PropulsionScrew Men830
Builders measure3241 tons   
Displacement4725 tons   
Fate1953 Last in commission1868
Ships book   
18 January 1860= Frederick William (laid down as Royal Frederick).
24 March 1860Launched at Portsmouth Dockyard
1 July 1864Commanded by Captain Edward Codd, Coast Guard, Portland (replacing Colossus)
7 March 1865
- 31 January 1866
Commanded by Captain Edmund Heathcote, Coast Guard, Queenstown
31 January 1866
- 31 August 1868
Commanded by Captain John James Kennedy, Coast Guard, Queenstown
19 October 1876Renamed Worcester, training ship for officers for the merchant service, Greenhithe, Kent (lent to Thames Nautical Training College), replacing 4th rate sailing ship Worcester (1843-1885)
1940HQ of Greenhithe section of the London Auxiliary patrol
1945Restored to the Admiralty and moved to Greys, Essex (where she was replaced as a training ship by Exmouth, 1905)
1948Sold to Frary Industries, of Queenborough, Kent, for breaking up
30 August 1948Foundered
May 1953Raised and broken up by Tennant and Horne, Grays

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