HMS Wildfire (launched as Cornwallis, 1813)
HMS Wildfire (launched as Cornwallis, 1813)

The Royal Navy

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NameWildfire (launched as Cornwallis, 1813)Explanation
TypeThird rate TypeBlockship
Launched12 May 1813 Converted to screw8 February 1855
HullWooden Length177 feet
PropulsionSail Men600
Builders measure1809 tons Builders measure (as screw)1809 tons
Displacement  Displacement (as screw)2678 tons
Guns74 Guns (as screw)60
Fate1957 Last in commission1864
ClassArmada Class (as screw)Cornwallis
Ships bookADM 135/106   
Snippets concerning career prior to conversion
12 May 1813Launched as 3rd rate sailing ship at Bombay Dockyard of East India Co
- 1816
In commission
18 March 1836Commissioned at Plymouth
15 February 1837
- 2 June 1839
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain Richard Grant, flagship of Vice-Admiral Charles Paget, North America and West Indies
5 April 1841
- 22 November 1844
Commanded by Captain Peter Richards, flagship of Rear-Admiral William Parker, East Indies (including the first Anglo-Chinese war)
Career as unarmoured wooden screw vessel
8 February 1855Undocked as screw at Devonport Dockyard
9 February 1855
- 13 August 1856
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain George Greville Wellesley, the Baltic during the Russian War, then North America and West Indies
2 December 1856
- 20 April 1857
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain Richard Ashmore Powell, Coast Guard, the Humber (first ship so commissioned after CG was reorganised under the Admiralty)
20 April 1857
- 29 April 1861
Commanded by Captain George Granville Randolph, Coast Guard, the Humber
30 April 1861
- 14 April 1863
Commanded by Captain Sidney Grenfell, Coast Guard, the Humber
14 April 1863
- 31 March 1864
Commanded by Captain James Newburgh Strange, Coast Guard, the Humber (replaced by Dauntless)
1865Jetty at Sheerness
1 April 1916
- 15 March 1922
Recommissioned as Wildfire, base ship, Sheerness
1957Broken up at Sheerness

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