HMS Wellesley (launched as Boscawen, 1844)
HMS Wellesley (launched as Boscawen, 1844)

The Royal Navy

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NameWellesley (launched as Boscawen, 1844)Explanation
TypeThird rate   
Launched3 April 1844
Builders measure2212 tons
Ships book
Note1874 = Wellesley, t.s.
1914.03 damaged by fire in Tyne and broken up
Snippets concerning this vessels career
7 January 1851
- 21 November 1853
Commanded by Captain Peter Richards, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
25 November 1853Commanded by Captain William Fanshawe Glanville, flagship of Rear-Admiral Arthur Fanshawe, North America and West Indies, and the Baltic during the Russian War
1 May 1857Commanded by Captain Richard Ashmore Powell, flagship of Rear-Admiral Frederick William Grey, Cape of Good Hope
5 March 1862
- 21 April 1862
Commanded by Commander Frederick Thomas Chetham Strode, training ship, Southampton Water
21 April 1862Commanded by Commander Hubert Campion, training ship, Southampton Water
1 September 1863
- 14 July 1865
Commanded by Commander George Strong Nares, training ship, Southampton Water
14 July 1865
- 11 October 1867
Commanded by Commander McLeod Baynes Cockcraft, training ship
21 October 1867
- 8 April 1868
Commanded by Commander Henry Fairfax, training ship, Portland
(10 August 1872)
- 21 February 1873
Commanded by Commander Marcus Augustus Stanley Hare, training ship, Portland
1874Renamed Wellesley

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