HMS Warspite (1807)
HMS Warspite (1807)

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NameWarspite (1807)Explanation
TypeThird rate   
Launched16 November 1807
Builders measure1890 tons
Ships book
Note1840 reduced to 50 guns.
1862 lent as t.s.
1876.01.03 burn by accident at Woolwich
Snippets concerning this vessels career
12 March 1827
- October 1827
Commanded by Captain Richard Saunders Dundas, Australia
22 January 1830
- 26 November 1830
Commanded by Captain William Henry Shirreff, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas Baker, North America and West Indies
28 November 1830
- 26 March 1833
Commanded by Captain Charles Talbot, flagship of Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Baker, South America (where he rescued the Brazilian Emperor, Pedro I, during the insurrection in Rio de Janeiro on 6 April 1831 which forced his abdication)
(January 1840)Out of commission at Portsmouth
17 August 1841
- October 1843
Commanded by Captain Lord John Hay, North America and West Indies
13 October 1843
- April 1846
Commanded by Captain Provo William Parry Wallis, Mediterranean
3 January 1876Burn by accident (or arson) at Woolwich (no loss of life)

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