HMS Victory (1765)
HMS Victory (1765)

The Royal Navy

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NameVictory (1765)Explanation
TypeFirst rate   
Launched7 May 1765
Builders measure2142 tons
Ships book
Note1801 rebuilt 2164 bm.1824 h.s.
1922 drydocked.
Still in commission.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
19 December 1831
- February 1833
Commanded by Captain Hyde Parker, Portsmouth
19 September 1839
- September 1841
Commanded by Captain Francis Erskine Loch, Portsmouth
2 September 1841Commanded by Captain William Willmott Henderson, Portsmouth
1844Commanded by Captain Richard Arthur and superintendent of the Ordinary, Portsmouth
23 September 1844
- 25 March 1846
Commanded by Captain George Moubray, Portsmouth
1 April 1846
- 22 September 1847
Commanded by Captain John Pasco, Portsmouth
17 December 1847Commanded by Captain Charles Eden, flagship, Portsmouth
13 November 1848Commanded by Captain Francis Price Blackwood, flagship of Admiral Sir Thomas Bladen Capel, Portsmouth
3 December 1850
- 30 September 1851
Commanded by Captain Francis Price Blackwood, flagship of Admiral Thomas Bladen Capel, Portsmouth
30 September 1851
- 19 December 1852
Commanded by Captain George Bohun Martin, flagship of Admiral Thomas Briggs, Portsmouth
20 March 1853
- 19 September 1853
Commanded by Captain John Shepherd, flagship of Vice-Admiral Thomas John Cochrane, Portsmouth
20 December 1853
- 19 March 1854
Commanded by Captain Thomas Maitland, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas John Cochrane, Portsmouth
27 January 1854
- 6 July 1855
Commanded by Captain John Charles Dalrymple Hay, flagship of Vice-Admiral Thomas John Cockrane, Portsmouth
20 March 1855
- 7 March 1856
Commanded by Captain George Thomas Gordon, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas John Cochrane, Portsmouth
7 March 1856Commanded by Captain James Robert Drummond, flagship of Vice-Admiral George Francis Seymour, Portsmouth
21 August 1856
- 19 March 1859
Commanded by Captain George Henry Seymour, flagship of Vice-Admiral George Francis Seymour, Portsmouth
20 March 1859
- 19 March 1860
Commanded by Captain Arthur Farquhar, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth
20 March 1860
- 2 March 1863
Commanded by Captain Robert Coote, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief, Portsmouth
2 March 1863
- 1 March 1866
Commanded by Captain Francis Scott, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief Portsmouth
1 March 1866
- 5 August 1867
Commanded by Captain Francis Egerton, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief Portsmouth
5 August 1867Commanded by Captain Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour, flag-ship, Commander-in-chief Portsmouth
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 8 December 1849

Portsmouth, Dec. 6.

In Port and Fitting

In the Harbour. - The Victory and Illustrious flag-ships, the Excellent gunnery ship; the Blenheim steam-guard-ship; the Eurydice, stripping to pay off; the Contest, fitting out; the Rolla apprentices' brig, laying up for the winter; the Fairy and Elfin, and Portsmouth yachts; the Flamer packet from Holyhead, and the Echo tug.
In Dock. - The Britannia, 120; the Dauntless, 24; the Fantome, 16; the Lily, 16; the Fox, 42; the Devastation, and the Birkenhead steam frigates.
In the Basin. - The Princess Charlotte, 104; the Actaeon, 26; and the Sprightly and the Bee steam-vessels.
In the Steam Basin, - The Ajax, 60; the Penelope, 22; the Sidon, 26; the Victoria and Albert royal yacht; the Urgent , the Pike, the Asp, and the Blazer.
Building. - The Royal Frederick, 120;[subsequently cancelled later and completed as Frederick William] the Prince of Wales, 120; the Princess Royal, 90; the Argus, and the Furious steam sloops.
Sa 9 March 1850

Portsmouth, Friday.

In Port and Fitting

In Harbour. - The Victory, Illustrious, Blenheim, Excellent, Rolla, Fairy, Fanny, and Echo.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Fantome, and Penelope.
In the Basin. - The Lily.
In the Steam-Basin. - The Blazer, Birkenhead, Pike, Asp, Flamer, Comet, Elfin, Victoria and Albert, Hecate, and Termagant.
Sa 20 April 1850In Harbour. - The Victory, Excellent, Illustrious, Blenheim, Fanny, and Portsmouth tenders, the Echo tug, and the Locust steam-vessel.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Penelope, Rapid, and Electra.
In the Basin. - The Niger, Devastation, Fantome, Griffon, and Fairy.
In the Steam Basin. - Termagant, Hecate, Victoria and Albert, Bulldog, Blazer, Flamer, Pike, Asp, and Elfin.
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