HMS Tartarus (1834)
HMS Tartarus (1834)

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NameTartarus (1834)Explanation
Launched23 June 1834
Builders measure523 tons
Displacement560 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
2 February 1838
- 1841
Commanded by Lieutenant George Woodberry Smith, North America & West Indies
(January 1843)Out of commission at Woolwich
8 November 1843Commanded by Acting Captain Horatio Thomas Austin
26 December 1843Commanded by Acting Captain James Wolfe, coast of Ireland
7 June 1847
- 8 October 1847
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Lieutenant commander Andrew Robert Dunlap, coast of Ireland
9 October 1847Commanded by Lieutenant Godfrey Vassal Webster, Mediterranean
1 April 1851Commanded by Lieutenant Richard Hawkins Risk, particular service
7 January 1856Commanded by Commander Arthur Lukis Mansell, Mediterranean
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Tu 20 July 1847

Woolwich, July 19.

The Tartarus steam-vessel, Lieutenant Commander Dunlop [sic], and the crew of the Acheron, left yesterday for Portsmouth, where she will embark supernumeraries and proceed to Cork, and will be employed about three months on the coast of Ireland, until the Acheron receives new boilers.
Th 14 October 1847

Woolwich, Oct. 13.

The crew of the Acheron steam-vessel, Lieutenant-Commander Dunlap, recently serving in the Tartarus steam-vessel, were paid off to-day at Woolwich, and a number of the men have stated their intention of again serving in the Tartarus, commissioned on Monday last by Lieutenant Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart., who has the command of the vessel. The Tartarus is refitting, and will soon be ready for service.

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