HMS Sultan (1870)
HMS Sultan (1870)

The Royal Navy

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NameSultan (1870)Explanation
TypeCentral battery ironclad   
Launched31 May 1870
Builders measure5234 tons
Displacement9290 tons
Ships bookADM 135/455
NoteShips book ADM 136/50.
1906 = Fisgard IV.
1932 = Sultan, training hulk
Snippets concerning this vessels career
12 September 1871
- 20 July 1873
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain Edward Westby Vansittart, Channel squadron
30 July 1873Commanded by Captain Anthony Hiley Hoskins, Channel squadron
25 February 1876
- 27 April 1878
Commanded by Captain Duke of Edinburgh, Mediterranean
3 April 1882Commanded by Captain Walter James Hunt-Grubbe, Channel squadron, then (December 1882), Mediterranean (including Bombardment of Alexandria, where Hunt-Grubbe was in command of the ships which engaged the northern forts), then Channel squadron again
2 May 1884
- July 1885
Commanded by Captain Richard Edward Tracey, Channel squadron

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