HMS Seringapatam (1819)
HMS Seringapatam (1819)

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NameSeringapatam (1819)Explanation
TypeFifth rate   
Launched5 September 1819
Builders measure1152 tons
Ships book
Note1847 r.s.
1852 c.h.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
1820Commanded by Captain William Walpole, bringing the newly launched ship from Bombay to the United Kingdom
7 February 1829
- April 1832
Commanded by Captain William Waldegrave, senior officer in the Pacific from May 1830 to April 1832
6 February 1837
- October 1841
Commanded by Captain John Leith, Barbadoes station (until invalided at Halifax)
(January 1843)Out of commission at Sheerness
21 June 1854
- 1857
Commanded by Commodore Henry Dundas Trotter, Commander-in-chief, Cape of Good Hope
24 October 1861Commanded by Captain James Horsford Cockburn, receiving ship, Cape of Good Hope
8 May 1866
- 27 July 1867
Commanded by Commodore Henry Caldwell, receiving ship, Cape of Good Hope
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Fr 30 June 1848

Cape of Good Hope, April 21.

The President, 50, Captain Stanley, bearing the flag of Vice-Admiral Dacres, the Commander-in-Chief, sailed from Simon's-bay on the 15th for the Mauritius, taking the Rosamond steam sloop, Commander Foote, with him part of the way. The Rosamond was to go to Mozambique with despatches, and then on to the Mauritius to meet the Admiral there. The Geyser steam sloop, Commander Brown, left this on the 18th, calling off Buffalo River to land Colonel Hare, and then goes on to the Mauritius to join the Admiral; and then they all go to Tamatave to make a treaty with the Queen of Madagascar. The Brilliant, 26, Captain Watson, left this about a month since for the Mauritius, and remains there until the Admiral's arrival, and then she would go to Tamatave with him. The Eurydice, 26, Captain Anson, is to come here to refit; and the Nimrod, Commander Belgrave, on the Eurydice's arrival, will take the Bishop of the Cape to St. Helena on a visit. The Admiral still feels the loss of his son most acutely. The Mariner, 12, Commander Mathison, arrived here on the 15th, the day the Admiral left; she was 17 days from Rio, and left at anchor there the Maeander, 44, Captain the Hon. H. Keppel; the Inconstant, 36, Captain Shepphard [sic]; the Acheron steam surveying ship, Captain J.L. Stokes; and the Hydra steam sloop, Commander Skipwith; — all from England. The Maeander and Acheron are expected here hourly, as they were to leave three days after the Mariner, which has been here nearly a week. The latter leaves this on the 25th for India. All is quiet and going on prosperously in the colony. They have had a severe hurricane at the Mauritius; the damage done is considerable. The Fox, 42, Commodore Sir Henry Blackwood, is expected here every day from India, homeward bound; also the Albatross, 14, Commander Farquhar, from the coast of Africa, en route to India. The Devastation steam sloop, Commander Michell, is also daily expected here from the coast for service on this station. The Seringapatam store ship, Master Commanding Russell, is in Simon's-bay.
Ma 8 February 1858


The Union Steam Navigation Company's mail packet Celt, Captain Brown, from Table Bay December 30, St. Helena January 8, and Ascension January 12, arrived this morning.
The Boscawen, 70, flag of Rear-Admiral the Hon. Sir Frederick W. Grey, K.C.B.; sloop Sappho, 12, Commander Fairfax Moresby; and Seringapatam, coal depôt, were at Simon’s Bay.

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