HMS Refuge (1850)
HMS Refuge (1850)

The Royal Navy

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NameRefuge (1850)Explanation
TypeDiscovery vessel   
AcquiredFebruary 1850
Builders measure424 tons
Ships book
Noteex-"Ptarmigan", purchased.
1850.03 = Resolute.
1855 abandoned in the Artic and later salved
Snippets concerning this vessels career
28 February 1850
- 4 October 1851
Commanded by Captain Horatio Thomas Austin, in command of squadron (together with Assistance, Erasmus Ommanney, and two steam tenders) in search of Sir John Franklin
10 February 1852
- 1855
Commanded by Captain Henry Kellett, particular service: searching, together with Assistance (Sir Edward Belcher), Pioneer (Sherard Osborn, tender to Assistance) and Intrepid (McClintock, tender to Resolute) and for Sir John Franklins' ill-fated 1845 North-West Passage expedition, until abandoned at Dealy Island (on 16 September 1855 she was found by Capt. James Buddington of the American whaler George Henry in ice in the Davis Strait off Baffin Island, she was then refitted by the US Navy and on 12 December she returned to Portsmouth)

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