HMS Recruit (1846)
HMS Recruit (1846)

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NameRecruit (1846)Explanation
Launched10 June 1846
Builders measure462 tons
Ships book
NoteOnly RN iron sailing ship.
Resold and converted to Harbinger, screw
Snippets concerning this vessels career
2 July 1846
- 1847
Commanded by Commander Adolphus Slade, particular service, Sheerness
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Tu 10 August 1847


The Lords of the Admiralty attended service in the Dockyard Chapel yesterday morning, after which the Earl of Auckland (First Lord) and Sir Charles Ogle went over to the Clarence-yard to meet Lord J. RussellExternal link, who arrived at half-past 1 o'clock by the South-Western Railway. The Earl accompanied the Premier to Osborne, where Lord John was invited as the guest of Her Majesty; the Earl proceeding to Ryde to dine with Sir Augustus de Clifford. The other members of the board dined at the George. ...
From these works ['Mr Bramble's new slips'] the board proceeded to inspect the bottom of the Undine steam yacht on the graving slip, which has been coated on one aide with Mr. Hay's (the chymical lecturer to the Dockyard) composition, and on the other with red lead, to see which was most efficacious in preventing the adhesion and growth of rubbish. It was palpably apparent that the red lead was of no use, as the side coated with it was covered with weeds, muscles, shrimps, carbuncles, grass, nine inches long, and such like rubbish; whereas the composition side was as smooth and clean as new iron. Lord Auckland and the other members of the board, as well as Sir C. Ogle and the scientific officers of the dockyard, expressed their strong opinion in favour of Mr. Hay's valuable invention, which will, doubtless, be generally adopted, and obtain for its patentee a permanent place and adequate remuneration, A letter from Commander Slade, of the iron brig Recruit, was read by their Lordships, proving the good properties of the composition on that vessel, and the total inefficacy of the red lead on the other side of her.

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