HMS Pembroke (launched as Duncan, 1859)
HMS Pembroke (launched as Duncan, 1859)

The Royal Navy

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NamePembroke (launched as Duncan, 1859)Explanation
TypeSecond rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched13 December 1859   
HullWooden Length252 feet
PropulsionScrew Men930
Builders measure3727 tons   
Displacement5724 tons   
Fate1910 Last in commission1870
Class  Class (as screw)Duncan
Ships book   
13 December 1859Launched at Portsmouth Dockyard
6 January 1864Commanded by Captain Robert Gibson, flagship of Vice-Admiral James Hope, North America and West Indies
16 June 1867
- 10 September 1867
Commanded by Captain George Hancock, Coast Guard, Leith (Queensferry) (replacing Trafalgar)
10 September 1867
- 28 February 1870
Commanded (until paying off) by Captain Charles Fellowes, Coast Guard, Leith (and, May 1869, cruise of the Reserve Fleet, and flagship of Commodore of John Walker Tarleton's Coast Guard squadron comprising Duncan, Donegal, Revenge, Irresistible, Lion, Dauntless and Argus) (replaced by Repulse)
16 June 1869
- 28 February 1870
Commanded by Captain William Rae Rolland, Coast Guard, Queensferry (replaced by Repulse)
1 April 1873
- 1 January 1875
Commanded by Captain George Willes Watson, Sheerness, replacing Pembroke
1 January 1875Commanded by Captain Charles Thomas Curme, flagship of Vice-Admiral George Fowler Hastings, Sheerness
14 February 1876
- 20 September 1877
Commanded by Captain St George Caulfield D'Arcy-Irvine, flagship of Vice-Admiral Henry Chads, Commander-in-Chief, the Nore
- 1 January 1879
Commanded by Captain Thomas Bridgeman Lethbridge, Sheerness
1 January 1879
- 27 July 1881
Commanded by Captain Thomas Baker Martin Sulivan, Sheerness. Tenders: Hydra, Porcupine, Trent and Wildfire
27 July 1881
- 31 December 1881
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain John D'Arcy, Sheerness (replaced by the Naval Barracks at Sheerness, renamed Duncan, but retained with a small crew as "saluting ship")
1 January 1882
- September 1883
Commanded by Captain John D'Arcy, flag captain to Commander-in-chief at the Nore, Sheerness Naval Barracks
12 July 1887
- 31 March 1889
Commanded by Captain Arthur Cecil Curtis, flag ship, Sheerness
(1890)Chatham. Machinery probably removed
(1890)Harbour service
1890Renamed Pembroke
1895Receiving ship, Chatham
September 1905renamed Tenedos II
11 October 1910Sold for breaking up at London

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