HMS Odin (1846)
HMS Odin (1846)

The Royal Navy

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NameOdin (1846)Explanation
Type1st class frigate   
Launched24 July 1846
Builders measure1310 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
24 May 1847
- 1 June 1850
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Frederick Thomas Pelham, Mediterranean
1 August 1851
- October 1851
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth) by Commander William Saltonstall Wiseman, temporarily commissioned to convey Sir Hamilton Seymour, ambassador to the Russian court, to St Petersburg
18 December 1852
- 3 February 1855
Commanded by Captain Francis Scott, Portsmouth, later Woolwich, then (July 1854) the Baltic during the Russian War
10 February 1855
- 7 August 1855
Commanded by Captain James Willcox, Black Sea during the Russian War
20 September 1859
- 7 July 1861
Commanded by Captain Lord John Hay, East Indies and China (in command of a division of gunboats during the second capture of the Taku forts in August 1860)
8 July 1861
- 28 August 1863
Commanded by Commodore Lord John Hay, East Indies and China
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Ma 17 May 1847


The Driver steam sloop, Captain Hayes, having coaled, left the harbour yesterday afternoon and proceeded to Woolwich to be paid off. She took with her the officers and crew of the Amphion screw steam frigate, who have been navigating the Odin during her "relief service." When the Driver left Rio Commodore Herbert's squadron in the river Plate were all well; the crews and marines still ashore, protecting British property — consequently, there are no cruizers to prevent the slave traffic, and slaves were being landed in thousands along the unwatched parts of the coast with the most commercial coolness. She reports that the Inflexible steam sloop, Commander Hoseason, had run from the Cape to Port Jackson, Sydney, a distance of 6,392 miles in 35 days 6 hours.
We 5 January 1853The steam squadron of reserve, under the superintendence of Captain W.H. Henderson, C.B., of the Blenheim, 60, since the commissioning of the Sidon, Odin, Furious, and Medea, has been reduced to four vessels — viz., the Leopard, 12, 560-horse power; Vesuvius, 6, 280-horse power; Bulldog, 6, 500 horse-power; and the Stromboli, 6, 280-horse power; all paddle vessels. The Hecla, 6, will shortly join them, having been masted ready for rigging.

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