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HMS Myrmidon (1845)

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LaunchedFebruary 1845
Builders measure374 tons
Displacement505 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
23 December 1845
- 9 November 1846
Commanded by Lieutenant commander Charles Jenkin, particular service
23 November 1846Commanded by Lieutenant commander Edward Forward Roberts, particular service, coast of Ireland
22 June 1848
- 19 October 1848
Commanded by Lieutenant commander Jasper Henry Selwyn, tender to Ganges, Sheerness
30 June 1851Commanded by Lieutenant commander William Kynaston Jolliffe, west coast of Africa
11 June 1855Commanded by Lieutenant commander Edward Eyre Maunsell, west coast of Africa
6 December 1855Commanded by Lieutenant commander Edward Wingfield Shaw, west coast of Africa
22 April 1857Commanded by Lieutenant commander Charles Aylmer Pembroke Vallancey Robinson, west coast of Africa
Extracts from the Times newspaper
We 4 November 1846

Portsmouth, Tuesday.

The Comet steam-vessel, Lieutenant-Commander Johnstone [sic], arrived at Cork from this port on Thursday last, and found there the Rhadamanthus steam-vessel, Master-Commander Aylen; the Acheron steam-vessel, Lieutenant-Commander Dunlop [sic]; the Dee steam-vessel, Master-Commander Driver; the Blazer steam-vessel, Captain Washington; and the Myrmidon steam-vessel, Lieutenant-Commander Jenkin; which vessels were about being sent to various ports along the Irish coast with meal to relieve the prevailing distress, which is increasing along the coast to the westward.

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