HMS Mount Edgcombe (launched as Winchester, 1822)
HMS Mount Edgcombe (launched as Winchester, 1822)

The Royal Navy

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NameMount Edgcombe (launched as Winchester, 1822)Explanation
TypeFourth rate   
Launched21 June 1822
Builders measure1487 tons
Ships book
Note1861 = Conway, t.s.
1876 = Mount Edgcombe
Snippets concerning this vessels career
- December 1830
Commanded by Captain Charles John Austen, flagship of Edward Griffith Colpoys, until invalided
4 June 1834
- 1 June 1838
Commanded by Captain Edward Sparshott, flagship of Sir Thomas Bladen Capel, East Indies
18 March 1839Commanded by Captain John Parker, flagship of Thomas Harvey, North America and West Indies
7 March 1842
- 1846
Commanded by Captain Charles Eden, flagship of Rear-Admiral Josceline Percy, Cape of Good Hope
16 March 1852Commanded by Captain Granville Gower Loch, flagship of Rear-Admiral Fleetwood Broughton Reynolds Pellew on the East Indies and China station
29 April 1854Commanded by Captain Thomas Wilson, flagship of Rear-Admiral James Stirling, East Indies (including 2nd Anglo-Chinese War)
1 July 1862Commanded by Commander Charles John Balfour, Aberdeen, Royal Naval Reserve drill ship

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