HMS Messenger (1830)
HMS Messenger (1830)

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NameMessenger (1830)Explanation
LaunchedAugust 1830
Builders measure733 tons
Displacement912 tons
Ships book
NoteLaunched 1824.
Purchased, ex-Duke of York
Snippets concerning this vessels career
1830Commanded by Lieutenant William Frederick Lapidge
2 June 1830
- 4 July 1832
Commanded by Lieutenant Benjamin Aplin
(January 1840)In commission at Woolwich
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 16 May 1840The Messenger steamer went to Woolwich on Wednesday, with the Marines of the Rodney; and the Vesuvius steamer proceeded to Cork on Thursday, to bring over four companies and head-quarters of the 60th Regiment to this place [Portsmouth].
The Vesuvius steamer on Thursday proceeded to Cork, to convey to this garrison the depot of the 60th Regiment; and on the arrival of the service companies of that regiment from the Mediterranean, the 58th Regiment, now here, will march to Weedon. The depot of the 72d is to be quartered here.
The Echo steam-vessel is to be quartered here in lieu of the Messenger.

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