HMS Megaera (1837)
HMS Megaera (1837)

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NameMegaera (1837)Explanation
Launched17 August 1837
Builders measure720 tons
Displacement1006 tons
Ships book
Note1843.03.04 wrecked Bare Bush Key, Jamaica
Snippets concerning this vessels career
13 December 1837
- October 1841
Commanded by Lieutenant Hugh Colville Goldsmith (DD = discharged dead)
10 November 1842
- 4 March 1843
Commanded by Lieutenant George Oldmixon, particular service (until lost on Bare Bush Key, Jamaica)
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Ma 14 September 1840It appears that neither the Salamander nor Comet steam-vessels are to be paid off; they are equipping at Woolwich, with great despatch; they will be both at Spithead about the last week in September. The Medea will leave Woolwich on the 24th. The Vesuvius is fitting at Chatham for the Mediterranean. These four steam ships will increase Sir R. Stopford's force to 10 powerful steam-vessels of war, he having already the Gorgon, Cyclops, Phoenix, Rhadamanthus, Hydra, and Stromboli; and to which there are several steamers already fitted for guns, &c., employed in the conveyance of the mails, such as the Acheron, Volcano, Prometheus, Megaera, Alecto, &c.

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