HMS Racer (1857)
HMS Racer (1857)

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NameRacer (1857)Explanation
Launched4 November 1857   
HullWooden Length151 feet
Builders measure579 tons   
Displacement868 tons   
Fate1876 Last in commission1868
Class  Class (as screw)Racer
Ships bookADM 135/381   
4 November 1857Launched at Deptford Dockyard.
3 June 1858
- 4 July 1860
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Commander Thomas Alexander Pakenham, Mediterranean, then (February 1859) North America and West Indies
15 May 1860
- 9 December 1862
Commanded (until paying off at Woolwich) by Commander Algernon McLennan Lyons, North America and West Indies
22 June 1864
- 27 May 1865
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Commander Isaac Newton Thomas Saulez, Mediterranean
27 May 1865
- 17 June 1868
Commanded (until paying off at Woolwich) by Commander Lindesay Brine, Mediterranean
24 April 1873Paid off.
1876Broken up at Portsmouth.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 29 March 1862The screw steam frigate Diadem, 32, Capt. Scott, which left Bermuda March 11, arrived in Plymouth Sound on Friday morning. On the 12th of March, in lat. 33 2 N., long. 61 51 W., she took on board the crew of the American brig C.W. Conner, Capt. Joseph Urann, which was bound with a cargo of sundries from Boston for St. Jago. The brig was dismasted on tho 6th of March, and the crew for the previous five days had been living on biscuit only. Moderate weather was experienced during all the passage, excepting on the 21st, when, in lat. 42 45 N., long. 32 29 W., they had a gale of wind from the westward. The Diadem brings home 250 officers and men, the remaining portion of the crew of the Conqueror, lost on Rum Bay Island, in the West Indies, and about 130 invalids, supernumeraries, and passengers, including lieutenant Taylor, 39th Regiment, and Mr. Tucker, late Colonial Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of Bermuda, who is the bearer of the contributions from the island to the Great Exhibition. Mr. Vivian, carpenter of the Terror, died on the 23d, and Peter Kenney, private of Royal Marines, a lunatic, jumped overboard oa the 21st during the gale, and was drowned. The Diadem left at Bermuda the screw steamship Nile, 90, Capt. Edward K. Barnard, flag of Rear-Admiral Sir Alexander Milne, K.C.B.; the screw steamships Aboukir, 86, Capt. Charles F. Shadwell, C.B.; Hero, 89, Capt. Alfred P. Ryder; and Agamemnon, 89; the screw steam frigates Immortalité, 51, Orlando, 50, and Liffey, 51; the screw steam sloop Greyhound, 17; paddlewheel steam sloops Spiteful, 6, and Medea, 6 ; the screw steam sloop Racer, 11; the screw steam gun-vessels Nimble, 5, and Landrail, 5 ; and the floating battery Terror, 16. The screw steamship Adelaide, with troops, arrived at Bermuda March 10. Her fuel was nearly expended.

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