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HMS Jackall (1844)

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Launched29 October 1844
Builders measure340 tons
Displacement505 tons
Ships bookADM 135/256
Snippets concerning this vessels career
7 April 1845
- 16 November 1846
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Lieutenant commander William Montagu Isaacson George Pasco, Mediterranean
17 November 1846Commanded by Lieutenant commander George Western, home, Lisbon and Mediterranean
22 May 1851Commanded by Norman Bernard Bedingfield, store ship at Ascension, for service in Jackal tender
30 June 1854Commanded by Lieutenant commander William Travers Forbes Jackson, particular service
13 September 1855
- 29 October 1858
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Lieutenant commander Charles Thomas William George Cerjat, particular service
(21 May 1859)
- 17 December 1859
Commanded by Lieutenant commander Augustus George Ernest Murray
17 December 1859
- 21 July 1860
Commanded by Lieutenant commander James Simpson
7 August 1860Commanded by Lieutenant commander Edward Francis Lodder, coast of Scotland (fishery protection)
19 May 1863
- 8 February 1864
Commanded by Lieutenant commander Hugh McNeile Dyer
9 February 1864
- 24 April 1866
Commanded by Lieutenant commander Hugh McNeile Dyer, west coast of Scotland (fishery protection)
(11 December 1868)
- 11 December 1868
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Lieutenant commander Arthur Edward Dupuis
12 April 1870Commanded by Lieutenant commander John Bruce, west coast of Scotland
Extracts from the Times newspaper
We 6 February 1850

Plymouth, Feb 5.

Her Majesty's steam frigate Gladiator, having in tow het tender the Jackal steamer, left yesterday for Madeira and the coast of Africa.

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