HMS Mutine (1859)
HMS Mutine (1859)

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NameMutine (1859)Explanation
TypeSloop (1862: Corvette)   
Launched30 July 1859   
HullWooden Length172 feet
PropulsionScrew Men160
Builders measure882 tons   
Displacement1291 tons   
Fate1870 Last in commission1869
Class  Class (as screw)Greyhound
Ships bookADM 135/316   
30 July 1859Launched at Deptford Dockyard.
21 October 1859
- 5 January 1864
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich until paying off at Woolwich) by Commander William Graham, Pacific
7 April 1865
- May 1866
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Commander William Hans Blake, Pacific
(2 November 1867)Commanded by Commander William Swinburn, Pacific
(January 1868)
- 30 March 1869
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Commander Henry McClintock Alexander, Pacific
26 February 1870Sold for commercial use; renamed Chieftain.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Fr 4 November 1859Her Majesty's screw steamsloop Mutine, Commander W. Graham, yesterday commenced receiving her stores in preparation for sea. One sergeant, one corporal, and 16 privates of the Royal Marines will embark to-day from the Woolwich division. The paddlewheel steam-sloop Prometheus, Commander Skipwith, sailed from Woolwich yesterday at 315 p.m., and proceeded to Greenhithe to adjust compasses in preparation to join the Channel fleet.
Th 19 January 1860The screw line-of-battle ships in Portland harbour are the Edgar, 91, flagship of Rear-Admiral Erskine, second in command of the Channel fleet; Donegal, 101; Hero, 91; Algiers, 91; Trafalgar, 91; Aboukir, 91; and the Mars, 80. The screw frigate Diadem, 32; the screw corvette Mutine, 18; and the gunboats Flying Fish, 6; and the Partridge, 2. The paddlewheel steam frigate Prometheus, 6, and the Coastguard ship Blenheim are also at anchor. The Royal Albert, 121, is daily expected from Plymouth.
Th 23 February 1860The screw steam frigate Diadem, 32, Capt. James H. Cockburn, arrived at Portland on Tuesday from Portsmouth. A portion of the Channel fleet is expected to leave that harbour in a few days for the Tagus. The vessels now in port are the Royal Albert, 121; Edgar, 91; Queen, 91; Algiers, 91: Donegal, 101; Hero, 91; Trafalgar, 91; Melpomene, 51; Mersey, 40; Diadem, 32; Blenheim, 60; Mutine, 17; Greyhound, 17; Biter, 2; and the Partridge, 2.

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