HMS Hibernia (launched as Achilles, 1863)
HMS Hibernia (launched as Achilles, 1863)

The Royal Navy

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NameHibernia (launched as Achilles, 1863)Explanation
TypeBroadside ironclad frigate   
Launched23 December 1863
Builders measure6121 tons
Displacement9820 tons
Ships bookADM 135/2
NoteFirst iron ship built in Royal Naval dockyard.
1886 h.s.
1902 = Hibernia, base ship.
1904 = Egmont.
1918 = Egremont.
1919 = Pembroke.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
14 September 1864
- 2 November 1868
Commanded (from commissioning at Chatham until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain Edward Westby Vansittart, Channel squadron
12 April 1870
- 1873
Commanded by Captain Richard Vesey Hamilton, coast guard service, Portland
1 August 1872
- 9 September 1872
Commanded by Captain Philip Howard Colomb
21 April 1873Commanded by Captain Radulphus Bryce Oldfield, Portland (Reserve squadron)
10 March 1875Commanded by Captain William Henry Whyte, Coast Guard, Liverpool
(October 1875)
- May 1877
Commanded by Captain Sholto Douglas, Coast Guard, Liverpool
May 1877Commanded by Captain William Nathan Wrighte Hewett,Channel squadron, then Mediterranean and Sea of Marmora (during Russo-Turkish war)
- 1884
Commanded by Captain George Digby Morant, Channel squadron
1902Renamed Hibernia, base ship
1904Renamed Egmont
1918Renamed Egremont
1919Renamed Pembroke

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