HMS Hebe (1826)
HMS Hebe (1826)

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NameHebe (1826)Explanation
TypeFifth rate   
Launched14 December 1826
Builders measure1078 tons
ClassModified Leda
Ships book
Note1839 r.s.
1861 hulk
Snippets concerning this vessels career
(January 1840)Convict ship at Woolwich
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Tu 14 December 1847

Woolwich, Dec. 13.

The Acheron, steam-vessel, Cuptain Lort Stokes, on being taken out of the basin last week was forced by the strength of the tide, against one of the buoys in the river, and it being apprehended that she might have been injured, she was taken into dock to have her bottom examined; no injury having been sustained worth mentioning, she will be taken out of dock this afternoon, and the Stromboli be taken in to be examined previous to proceeding to sea.
A fatal accident occurred, about 7 o'clock, on the evening of Friday last, to a man named Ashe, servant to a gentleman who was visiting the officers of the Acheron, on board the Hebe receiving-ship, off Woolwich dockyard, the servant having fallen down the main hatchway into the cockpit, and from the injuries he sustained died on his way to the hospital, where he was being carried by some of the crew, after every attention had been paid to him by the surgeon of the vessel. A coroner's inquest was held this morning on the body, and a verdict of "Accidental death" returned.

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