HMS Ganges II (launched as Agincourt, 1865)
HMS Ganges II (launched as Agincourt, 1865)

The Royal Navy

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NameGanges II (launched as Agincourt, 1865)Explanation
TypeBroadside ironclad frigate   
Launched27 March 1865
Builders measure6638 tons
Displacement10600 tons
Ships book
NoteLaid down as Captain.
1895 t.s.
1904 = Boscawen III.
1906 = Ganges II.
1908 = C109 c.h.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
1 January 1869
- 6 April 1869
Commanded by Captain Donald McLeod Mackenzie, flagship of Retired Vice-Admiral Baldwin Wake Walker, Sheerness
12 June 1869
- 11 June 1869
Commanded by Captain Thomas Miller, Sheerness for cruise of the Reserve Fleet
1 October 1869
- 2 March 1870
Commanded by Captain Hon Henry Carr Glyn, Channel squadron
22 February 1870
- 31 August 1871
Commanded by Captain Henry Hamilton Beamish, flagship of Henry Chads on the Channel squadron station, until he was superseded for allowing Agincourt to take the ground
(7 August 1872)Commanded by Captain Edward Stanley Adeane, flagship of Rear-Admiral Reginald John James George Macdonald, Channel squadron, flagship of the second in command
1 October 1874
- 5 August 1875
Commanded by Captain Lord Walter Talbot Kerr, flagship of Rear-Admiral Frederick Beauchamp Paget Seymour, Channel squadron
10 July 1877
- 8 January 1879
Commanded by Richard Wells, flagship of John Edmund Commerell on the Mediterranean station
16 August 1880Commanded by Elibank Harley Murray, flagship of Hon Henry Carr Glyn, Second in command of the Channel squadron
- 1886
Commanded by Captain Charles Thomas Montague Douglas Scott, Channel squadron
17 May 1885Commanded by Frederick Charles Bryan Robinson, flagship of Rear-Admiral William Henry Whyte on the Channel squadron
1904Renamed Boscawen III
1906Renamed Ganges II

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