HMS Foudroyant (launched as Trincomalee, 1817)
HMS Foudroyant (launched as Trincomalee, 1817)

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NameFoudroyant (launched as Trincomalee, 1817)Explanation
TypeFifth rate   
Launched12 October 1817
Builders measure1066 tons
Displacement1447 tons
Ships book
Note1847 26-gun 6th rate.
1861 RNR drillship.
1897 sold as Foudroyant, t.s., 1990 = Trincomalee, preserved
Snippets concerning this vessels career
(January 1840)Out of commission at Portsmouth
20 July 1847
- 16 August 1850
Commanded by Captain Richard Laird Warren, North America and West Indies
19 June 1852Commanded by Captain Wallace Houston, Pacific (including 1854 Anglo-French squadron during the Russian War)
19 November 1860Commanded by Commander Thomas Heard, Royal Naval Reserve drill ship, Sunderland
31 January 1863Commanded by Commander Edward Field, Royal Naval reserve, training ship, Sunderland
13 January 1876
- 26 March 1876
Commanded by Commander Arthur Cecil Curtis, Royal Naval Reserve drill ship, West Hartlepool

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