HMS Forte (launched as Pembroke, 1812)
HMS Forte (launched as Pembroke, 1812)

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NameForte (launched as Pembroke, 1812)Explanation
TypeThird rate TypeBlockship
Launched23 June 1812 Converted to screw3 February 1855
HullWooden Length176 feet
PropulsionSail Men600
Builders measure1758 tons Builders measure (as screw)1758 tons
Displacement  Displacement (as screw)2842 tons
Guns74 Guns (as screw)60
Fate1905 Last in commission1869
ClassArmada Class (as screw)Cornwallis
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Snippets concerning career prior to conversion
27 June 1812Launched as 3rd rate sailing ship at Wigram, Wells and Green, Blackwall
25 March 1836Commanded by Captain Thomas Fellowes
23 January 1837
- 14 July 1840
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Fairfax Moresby, Mediterranean
January 1843Out of commission at Portsmouth
Career as unarmoured wooden screw vessel
3 February 1855Undocked as screw at Portsmouth Dockyard
5 February 1855
- 5 August 1861
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain George Henry Seymour, the Baltic during the Russian War, then North America and West Indies
3 December 1856
- 28 February 1858
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain John Fraser, Coast Guard, Leith (replaced by Edinburgh)
1 March 1858
- January 1861
Commanded by Captain Edward Philips Charlewood, Coast Guard, Harwich, tender: Dolphin
1 January 1861
- 31 March 1861
Commanded by Captain George Edwin Patey, Coast Guard, Harwich
2 April 1861
- 28 April 1863
Commanded by Captain Thomas Fisher, Coast Guard, Harwich (frm 6 february 1863, flag of Commodore Swynfen Carnegie)
28 April 1863
- 27 April 1866
Commanded by Captain John Ormsby Johnson, Coast Guard, Harwick
27 April 1866
- 11 June 1869
Commanded by Captain John Welbore Sunderland Spencer, Coast Guard, Harwich (replaced by Penelope)
12 June 1869
- 30 June 1870
Commanded by Captain Thomas Miller, flagship of Richard Laird Warren, Sheerness
1 July 1870
- 31 December 1871
Commanded by Captain John Crawford Wilson, flagship of Vice-Admiral Charles Gilbert John Brydone Elliot, Sheerness
20 December 1870
- 31 December 1874
Commanded by Captain Charles Murray-Aynsley, Reserve ship, Chatam
1873Barrack ship at Chatham
1 January 1875
- 2 January 1878
Commanded by Captain John Clark Soady, Captain Superintendent of the Medway steam reserve
1 January 1878
- October 1878
Commanded by Captain Frederick William Richards, flagship of Rear-Admiral Charles Fellowes, Admiral Superintendant of the Steam Reserve, Chatham
(1879)Flag Ship of the Admiral Superintendent, Chatham; includes officers borne for duties in Chatham Dockyard, for the Reserve, Melville Hospital, Sheerness Yard, Torpedo Boats and for Tenders.
(30 November 1881)
- 30 November 1881
Commanded by Captain Walter James Hunt-Grubbe, harbour service (in command of the Medway steam reserve)
17 December 1881
- 31 March 1885
Commanded by Captain Lord Walter Talbot Kerr, harbour service (in command of the Medway steam reserve)
28 March 1885
- 31 December 1886
Commanded by Captain Alexander BullerFlag Ship of the George Willes Watson , Admiral Superintendent, Chatham
(April 1886)Chatham
(1890)Guard ship of Reserve; includes officers borne for supervisory duties for ships building in private yards on the Clyde, Tyne and Mersey, and ashore at Chatham Dockyard etc.
1890Renamed Forte, receiving ship

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