HMS Express (1835)
HMS Express (1835)

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NameExpress (1835)Explanation
TypePacket brig   
Launched8 October 1835
Builders measure362 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
31 January 1836
- 1840
Commanded by Lieutenant Wentworth Parsons Croke, Falmouth
4 January 1840
- June 1846
Commanded by Lieutenant Edward Herrick, Falmouth
26 June 1846Commanded by Lieutenant Thomas James, Falmouth
13 June 1848Commanded by Lieutenant William Lory, Falmouth packet
3 July 1851
- 14 May 1853
Commanded by Commander William Frederick Fead, North America and West Indies (until he died at Bahia)
14 May 1853
- 20 September 1856
Commanded (until paying off at Plymouth) by Commander Henry Boys, south-east coast of America
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Fr 6 June 1851

5 June 1851

The Anchor hoy, for service at Bermuda, was launched at Portsmouth yesterday; she is masted, and is now alongside the jetty to be rigged.
Th 12 June 1851

11 June 1851

Her Majesty's steam-frigate Devastation arrived this morning from Portsmouth, having passed the Wellesley off the Needles as she came out. The Devastation takes the Devonport hoy to Bermuda, and then proceeds to North America [this was actually not to be the case].
Fr 4 July 1851

3 July 1851

Her Majesty's brig Express, formerly in the packet service, is to be commissioned here for the coast of Africa.
Ma 7 July 1851

5 July 1851

Her Majesty's brig Express, having been commissioned at Plymouth, was warped to the jetty to be rigged; shortly after her pendant was hoisted she shipped her complement, who are a smart lot of seamen.
Fr 25 July 1851

23 July 1851

Her Majesty's brig Express, Commander Fead, fitting here, goes out of harbour Monday next, the 28th inst., and will shortly proceed to the West Indies.
The hoy Anchor, lately launched in this yard for service at Bermuda, will sail for her destination, under convoy of the Express.
Th 31 July 1851

30 July 1851

The brig Express, Commander Fead, was warped to the moorings on Saturday, and was towed yesterday by the Kite from Hamoaze into the Sound. The hoy which is to accompany here to Bermuda is also in the Sound
Ma 4 August 1851

3 August 1851

11 a.m. The Express, 6, Commander Fead, and the Devonport hoy, are getting under weigh for Bermuda and the West Indies.

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