HMS Erebus (launched as Invincible, 1869)
HMS Erebus (launched as Invincible, 1869)

The Royal Navy

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NameErebus (launched as Invincible, 1869)Explanation
TypeCentral battery ironclad   
Launched29 May 1869
Builders measure3774 tons
Displacement6010 tons
Ships book
Note1904 = Erebus, t.s.
1906 = Fisgard II.
1914.09.17 foundered off Portland
Snippets concerning this vessels career
13 October 1870
- 22 November 1871
Commanded by Captain Charles Webley Hope, ship of First Reserve, Hull
6 August 1872
- 1 January 1875
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain John Clark Soady, Mediterranean (uncluding service in the small squadron under Vice-Admiral Sir Hastings Yelverton blockading the Spanish Mediterranean coast).
25 March 1878Commanded by Captain Lindesay Brine, Channel squadron
(1 May 1884)
- 21 December 1885
Commanded (until paying off) by Captain Claude Edward Buckle, China
23 November 1886
- 31 May 1888
Commanded by Captain Charles George Fane, guard ship, Southampton (off Netley) and in the First Reserve Squadron at the Naval review for Queen Victoria's golden jubilee (23 July 1887)
1 June 1888Commanded by Captain Arthur Thomas Brooke, Coast Guard, Southampton

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