HMS Echo (1827)
HMS Echo (1827)

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NameEcho (1827)Explanation
Launched28 May 1827
Builders measure295 tons
Ships bookADM 135/145
Snippets concerning this vessels career
(January 1840)Out of commission at Woolwich
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 16 May 1840The Messenger steamer went to Woolwich on Wednesday, with the Marines of the Rodney; and the Vesuvius steamer proceeded to Cork on Thursday, to bring over four companies and head-quarters of the 60th Regiment to this place [Portsmouth].
The Vesuvius steamer on Thursday proceeded to Cork, to convey to this garrison the depot of the 60th Regiment; and on the arrival of the service companies of that regiment from the Mediterranean, the 58th Regiment, now here, will march to Weedon. The depot of the 72d is to be quartered here.
The Echo steam-vessel is to be quartered here in lieu of the Messenger.
Ma 8 June 1840The 20th and 86th Regiments are ordered te be from England to Ireland; for which purpose the Vesuvius steamer, Lieutenant Blount, proceeded to Liverpool onThursday afternoon.
The Echo steam tug, attached to this port, has her steering wheel placed before the mainmast, and immediately under the control of the officer carrying on the duty on the paddle boxes.
Sa 8 December 1849

Portsmouth, Dec. 6.

In Port and Fitting

In the Harbour. - The Victory and Illustrious flag-ships, the Excellent gunnery ship; the Blenheim steam-guard-ship; the Eurydice, stripping to pay off; the Contest, fitting out; the Rolla apprentices' brig, laying up for the winter; the Fairy and Elfin, and Portsmouth yachts; the Flamer packet from Holyhead, and the Echo tug.
In Dock. - The Britannia, 120; the Dauntless, 24; the Fantome, 16; the Lily, 16; the Fox, 42; the Devastation, and the Birkenhead steam frigates.
In the Basin. - The Princess Charlotte, 104; the Actaeon, 26; and the Sprightly and the Bee steam-vessels.
In the Steam Basin, - The Ajax, 60; the Penelope, 22; the Sidon, 26; the Victoria and Albert royal yacht; the Urgent , the Pike, the Asp, and the Blazer.
Building. - The Royal Frederick, 120 [subsequently cancelled and later completed as Frederick William]; the Prince of Wales, 120; the Princess Royal, 90; the Argus, and the Furious steam sloops.
Sa 9 March 1850

Portsmouth, Friday.

In Port and Fitting

In Harbour. - The Victory, Illustrious, Blenheim, Excellent, Rolla, Fairy, Fanny, and Echo.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Fantome, and Penelope.
In the Basin. - The Lily.
In the Steam-Basin. - The Blazer, Birkenhead, Pike, Asp, Flamer, Comet, Elfin, Victoria and Albert, Hecate, and Termagant.
Sa 20 April 1850In Harbour. - The Victory, Excellent, Illustrious, Blenheim, Fanny, and Portsmouth tenders, the Echo tug, and the Locust steam-vessel.
In Dock. - The St Vincent, Winchester, Fox, Penelope, Rapid, and Electra.
In the Basin. - The Niger, Devastation, Fantome, Griffon, and Fairy.
In the Steam Basin. - Termagant, Hecate, Victoria and Albert, Bulldog, Blazer, Flamer, Pike, Asp, and Elfin.

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