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HMS Driver (1840)

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Type1st class sloop   
Launched24 December 1840
Builders measure1055 tons
Displacement1379 tons
Ships book
Note1861.08 wrecked Mariguana Island
Snippets concerning this vessels career
30 August 1841
- 16 April 1843
Commanded by Commander Samuel Fielding Harmer, East Indies (until he died)
6 May 1843Commanded by Commander Courtenay Osburn Hayes, East Indies
August 1848
- September 1848
Commanded by Act. Lieutenant commander Edward King Barnard
16 September 1848
- 9 May 1852
Commanded (until paying off at Woolwich) by Commander Charles Richardson Johnson, Pacific
March 1853Commanded by Master commander Cornelius Fox, Chatham
(June 1854)Commanded by Commander Arthur Auckland Leopold Pedro Cochrane, the Baltic during the Russian War
12 September 1854Commanded by Commander Edward Bridges Rice, particular service
(26 February 1855)Commanded by Commander Alan Henry Gardner, the Baltic during the Russian War
23 March 1856Commanded by Commander Ennis Chambers, particular service

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