HMS Thalia (1869)
HMS Thalia (1869)

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NameThalia (1869)Explanation
Launched14 July 1869   
HullWooden Length200 feet
PropulsionScrew Men200
Builders measure1459 tons   
Displacement2240 tons   
Fate1920 Last in commission1888
Ships bookADM 135/472   
14 July 1869Launched at Woolwich Dockyard (last ship built there).
26 March 1872
- 10 August 1876
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth until paying off) by Captain Henry Bedford Woollcombe, China
10 January 1882Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain Edmund John Church, to take a new crew to the Boadicea, at the Cape of Good Hope
30 March 1882
- 2 June 1882
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Frederick William Richards, returning home after paying off Boadicea at the Cape of Good Hope
21 July 1882
- 18 July 1883
Commanded (from commissioning until paying off at Plymouth) by Captain John William Brackenbury, Mediterranean (Egyptian war; the Urabi revolt, followed by British conquest of Egypt) , then taking replacement crews to China
21 July 1882
- 23 October 1882
Commanded by Captain Harry Holdsworth Rawson, for Transport Service
27 April 1886
- 4 November 1886
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain Day Hort Bosanquet, taking a new crew out to Opal, Australia
4 November 1886
- 9 March 1887
Commanded (until paying off) by Captain Arthur Thomas Brooke, returning the old crew of Opal, Australia
12 May 1887
- 21 August 1888
Commanded (from commissioning until paying off) by Captain John Robert Ebenezer Pattisson, taking new crews out to the Mediterranean and then to Australia
(1890)Lent to War Department as Powder Hulk, Portsmouth.
(February 1915)Base ship.
16 September 1920Sold to Rose Street Foundry, Inverness for breaking up.

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