HMS Cornwallis (launched as Wellesley, 1815)
HMS Cornwallis (launched as Wellesley, 1815)

The Royal Navy

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NameCornwallis (launched as Wellesley, 1815)Explanation
TypeThird rate   
Launched24 February 1815
Builders measure1746 tons
Ships book
Note1854 guard ship.
1868 = Cornwall, t.s.
1940.09.24 sunk in Thames by air attack
Snippets concerning this vessels career
24 August 1825
- 12 February 1827
Commanded by Captain Gordon Thomas Falcon, flagship of Sir George Eyre, South America
19 June 1837Commanded by Captain Thomas Maitland, flagship of Rear-Admiral Frederick Lewis Maitland, then Commodore Sir James John Gordon Bremer, then Rear-Admiral Sir William Parker, East Indies (including the first Anglo-Chinese war)
(January 1843)Out of commission at Plymouth
6 January 1848Commanded by Captain George Goldsmith, flagship of Vice-Admiral Earl of Dundonald , North America and West Indies
14 June 1854Commanded by Captain Christopher Wyvill, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
20 March 1856Commanded by Captain George Goldsmith, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham and Sperintendant of Chatham Yard
1 May 1858
- 18 April 1861
Commanded by Captain George Goldsmith, guard ship of Ordinary, Chatham
18 April 1861Commanded by Captain Edward Gennys Fanshawe, Chatham, Guard Ship of Ordinary, and Training Ship (and Captain-Superintendent of Chatham dockyard)
3 January 1866Commanded by Captain William Houston Stewart, guard ship of ordinary, Chatham

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