HMS Sapphire (1874)
HMS Sapphire (1874)

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NameSapphire (1874)Explanation
Launched24 September 1874   
HullWooden Length220 feet
PropulsionScrew Men225
Builders measure1405 tons   
Displacement1970 tons   
Fate1892 Last in commission1889
Ships book   
24 September 1874Launched at Devonport Dockyard (the last wooden warship launched).
11 August 1875
- 7 July 1879
Commanded (from commissioning at Plymouth) by Captain Elibank Harley Murray, Australia
18 January 1883Commanded by Captain John Reginald Thomas Fullerton, China
17 July 1884Commanded (until paying off at Hong Kong) by Captain Richard George Kinahan, China
18 May 1887
- 25 September 1889
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Wollaston Comyns Karslake, China (the last wooden ship in full commission in the Royal Navy)
24 September 1892Sold to George Cohen for breaking up.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 21 August 1873Three vessels have recently been added to the Royal Navy, and there are at present 25 others in course of construction at the various Government yards and by private firms. The vessels just completed are the Fantome, composite screw sloop of 4 guns, 891 (727) tons, and 720 (120) horse-power engines, which has been constructed at Pembroke; two 14 gun screw corvettes, of 1,890 (1,405) tons and 2,149 (350) horse-power engines each, named the Amethyst and Modeste, both of which have been completed at Devonport. Six new vessels have just been ordered to be commenced, and the necessary preparations for their construction have in some cases been commenced. The new vessels are to include a 14 gun screw-corvette, of 1,405 tons old measurement and 350 nominal horse-power engines, to be named the Diamond, and ordered to be built at Sheerness; a 14 gun iron screw corvette, cased with wood, with a covered battery, of 3,903 tons and 5,230 indicated horse-power engines, to be constructed on No. 5 Slip at Chatham, and to be named the Euryalus; a 14 gun screw corvette, of 1,405 tons and 350 nominal horse-power engines, to be named the Sapphire, and ordered to be built at Devonport; the Temeraire, a screw iron armour-plated ship to carry eight guns, of 8,415 tons and 7,000 indicated horse-power engines, to be constructed at Chatham; and the Vesuvius, a double screw iron torpedo vessel, of 241 tons and 350 indicated horse-power engines, ordered to be built at Pembroke.

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