HMS Comet (1822)
HMS Comet (1822)

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NameComet (1822)Explanation
TypeTug and ferry   
Launched23 May 1822
Builders measure238 tons
Displacement239 tons
Ships bookADM 135/99
NoteFirst steamship ordered by Admiralty
Snippets concerning this vessels career
1 July 1837Commanded by Lieutenant George Thomas Gordon, particular service
15 July 1842Commanded by Commander George Alexander Frazer, Woolwich
12 July 1844Commanded by Lieutenant William Pretyman, Portsmouth
29 June 1846Commanded by Lieutenant Charles Richardson Johnson, Portsmouth
25 October 1847Commanded by Lieutenant Charles Gray Rigge, particular service
7 May 1850Commanded by Commander Henry Charles Otter, Cork, then west coast of Scotland
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Ma 14 September 1840It appears that neither the Salamander nor Comet steam-vessels are to be paid off; they are equipping at Woolwich, with great despatch; they will be both at Spithead about the last week in September. The Medea will leave Woolwich on the 24th. The Vesuvius is fitting at Chatham for the Mediterranean. These four steam ships will increase Sir R. Stopford's force to 10 powerful steam-vessels of war, he having already the Gorgon, Cyclops, Phoenix, Rhadamanthus, Hydra, and Stromboli; and to which there are several steamers already fitted for guns, &c., employed in the conveyance of the mails, such as the Acheron, Volcano, Prometheus, Megaera, Alecto, &c.
We 4 November 1846

Portsmouth, Tuesday.

The Comet steam-vessel, Lieutenant-Commander Johnstone [sic], arrived at Cork from this port on Thursday last, and found there the Rhadamanthus steam-vessel, Master-Commander Aylen; the Acheron steam-vessel, Lieutenant-Commander Dunlop [sic]; the Dee steam-vessel, Master-Commander Driver; the Blazer steam-vessel, Captain Washington; and the Myrmidon steam-vessel, Lieutenant-Commander Jenkin; which vessels were about being sent to various ports along the Irish coast with meal to relieve the prevailing distress, which is increasing along the coast to the westward.
We 4 August 1847The Royal squadron to accompany Her Majesty to Scotland will consist of the Royal yachts Victoria and Albert and Fairy, Captain Lord Adolphus Fitzclarence, G.C.H., the Birkenhead iron steam troopship, Commander Ingram; the Undine steam yacht, Master Commander Allen; the Garland steam vessel, Master Commander Luke Smithett; and, possibly, the Fire Queen steam yacht, Lieutenant Commander Johnston, of the Comet. About the 12th inst. will be the time for leaving Osborne.
Ma 18 October 1847


The officers and crew of the Comet have at last returned to that vessel from the Fire Queen, and the latter has been laid up alongside the Britannia, 120, in charge of her engineers and stokers for the present. Rumour states that there is to be a complete change in regard to the tenders, which are in future to be steamers instead of sailing vessels, Undine and Fire Queen superseding Fanny, Emerald, and Mercury, at this port.

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