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HMS Britannia (1820)

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Type1st rate   
Launched20 October 1820
Builders measure2616 tons
Ships book
Note1859 t.s.
Snippets concerning this vessels career
4 October 1823Commanded by Captain Henry William Bruce, flagship of Alexander Inglis Cochrane, Plymouth
28 April 1830
- October 1831
Commanded by Captain William James Hope Johnstone, flagship of Vice-Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm, Mediterranean
23 November 1839
- 1 October 1840
Commanded by Captain John William Montagu, flagship of Admiral Edward Codrington, Portsmouth
7 April 1841
- September 1841
Commanded by Captain Michael Seymour, flagship of Vice-Admiral John Acworth Ommanney, Mediterranean
September 1841Commanded by Captain George Mansel, Mediterranean
(January 1843)Out of commission at Portsmouth
30 August 1850Commanded by Captain Richard Augustus Yates, guard ship of Ordinary, Portsmouth
2 December 1851Commanded by Captain George Goldsmith, flagship of Rear-Admiral James Whitley Deans Dundas, Mediterranean
9 August 1852Commanded by Captain Thomas Wren Carter, flagship of Vice-Admiral James Whitley Deans Dundas, Mediterranean (and Black Sea during the Russian War)
1 January 1859
- 1 October 1863
Commanded by Captain Robert Harris, cadet training ship, Portsmouth, then (February 1862) Portland
1 October 1862Commanded by Captain Richard Ashmore Powell, cadet training ship, Portland
20 April 1866Commanded by Captain George Granville Randolph, cadet training ship, Dartmouth
1867Commanded by Captain John Corbett, cadet training ship, Dartmouth
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 8 December 1849

Portsmouth, Dec. 6.

In Port and Fitting

In the Harbour. - The Victory and Illustrious flag-ships, the Excellent gunnery ship; the Blenheim steam-guard-ship; the Eurydice, stripping to pay off; the Contest, fitting out; the Rolla apprentices' brig, laying up for the winter; the Fairy and Elfin, and Portsmouth yachts; the Flamer packet from Holyhead, and the Echo tug.
In Dock. - The Britannia, 120; the Dauntless, 24; the Fantome, 16; the Lily, 16; the Fox, 42; the Devastation, and the Birkenhead steam frigates.
In the Basin. - The Princess Charlotte, 104; the Actaeon, 26; and the Sprightly and the Bee steam-vessels.
In the Steam Basin, - The Ajax, 60; the Penelope, 22; the Sidon, 26; the Victoria and Albert royal yacht; the Urgent , the Pike, the Asp, and the Blazer.
Building. - The Royal Frederick, 120;[subsequently cancelled later and completed as Frederick William] the Prince of Wales, 120; the Princess Royal, 90; the Argus, and the Furious steam sloops.

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