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HMS Highflyer (1851)

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TypeCorvette (1852: Frigate)   
Launched13 August 1851   
HullWooden Length192 feet
PropulsionScrew Men 
Builders measure1153 tons   
Displacement1902 tons   
Fate1871 Last in commission1868
Class  Class (as screw)Highflyer
Ships bookADM 135/232   
13 August 1851Launched at C.J. Mare, Blackwall.
15 March 1852
- 14 December 1852
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich) by Captain Henry James Matson, North America and West Indies (until he died)
15 December 1852
- 1 April 1853
Commanded by Captain Edmund Heathcote, North Ameirca and West Indies
1 April 1853
- 7 June 1856
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain John Moore, Mediterranean (and Black Sea during the Russian War)
1 August 1856
- 2 January 1860
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain Charles Frederick Alexander Shadwell, East Indies and China (present, during the 2nd Anglo-Chinese War), at capture of Canton in December 1857, and attack on Peiho forts on 25 June 1859, when a wound rendered him permanently lame)
2 January 1860
- 31 May 1861
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Acting Captain William Andrew James Heath, East Indies and China
15 December 1864
- 31 August 1868
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off) by Captain Thomas Malcolm Sabine Pasley, Cape of Good Hope and East Indies
May 1871Broken up at Portsmouth.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
(various)The 1844 Experimental squadron.
Fr 5 January 1866The paddle-wheel steamer Virago, 6, 300-horse power, attached to the Chatham, steam reserve, is undergone most extensive repairs to both hull and machinery in No. 1 dock, in order that she may be brought forward for commission. Her machinery has been removed into the factory for a thorough overhaul and repair, and her boilers have been taken out. The nature of the repairs ordered to be carried out will detain her in dock for some months.

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