HMS Boscawen (launched as Trafalgar, 1841)
HMS Boscawen (launched as Trafalgar, 1841)

The Royal Navy

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NameBoscawen (launched as Trafalgar, 1841)Explanation
TypeFirst rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched21 June 1841 Converted to screw21 March 1859
HullWooden Length216 feet
PropulsionSail Men830
Builders measure2694 tons Builders measure (as screw)2694 tons
Displacement  Displacement (as screw)4579 tons
Guns110 Guns (as screw)89
Fate1906 Last in commission1869
Class  Class (as screw)Caledonia
Ships bookADM 135/57   
Snippets concerning career prior to conversion
21 June 1841Launched as 1st rate sailing ship at Woolwich Dockyard
30 January 1845
- 18 October 1845
Commanded by Captain William Fanshawe Martin, Sheerness, flagship of Vice Admiral John Chambers John Chambers White then (April) Vice Admiral Edward Durnford King (and 1845 experimental squadron)
18 October 1845
- 11 January 1848
Commanded by Captain John Neale Nott, flagship of Vice-Admiral Edward Durnford King, Sheerness, 1846 experimental squadron, then (1847) Channel squadron and Sir William Parker's squadron at Lisbon, then (October 1847), the Mediterranean
11 January 1848
- 30 June 1848
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Charles Hope, Mediterranean
26 July 1850Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain Montagu Stopford, Sheerness
21 July 1851
- 27 April 1855
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Henry Francis Greville, Mediterranean
Career as unarmoured wooden screw vessel
21 March 1859Undocked as screw at Chatham Dockyard
9 June 1859
- 2 April 1861
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain Edward Gennys Fanshawe, Channel squadron
2 April 1861
- 14 July 1862
Commanded by Captain John Bourmaster Dickson, Channel squadron
14 July 1862
- 8 May 1863
Commanded by Captain Thomas Baillie, Mediterranean
8 May 1863
- 28 February 1864
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Thomas Henry Mason, Mediterranean
1 March 1864
- March 1865
Commanded by Captain Charles Frederick Schomberg, Coast Guard, Leith (replacing Edinburgh)
March 1865
- 16 May 1865
Commanded by Captain John Borlase, Coast Guard, Leith, (replaced by Duncan)
17 May 1865
- 15 June 1867
Commanded by Captain George Hancock, Coast Guard, Leith (Queensferry)
13 December 1867
- 20 November 1869
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain Edward King Barnard, flagship of Robert Smart, Coast Guard, Lough Swilly (and, May 1869, cruise of the Reserve Fleet)
17 August 1870
- 8 June 1872
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Thomas Bridgeman Lethbridge, seagoing naval cadet training ship
February 1873Renamed Boscawen, replacing original 3rd rate sailing ship Boscawen (1844-1914) at Portland, which was renamed Wellesley
25 February 1873
- 11 January 1876
Commanded by Commander Alfred Markham, harbour service, boys training ship
15 February 1879
- 12 July 1881
Commanded by Commander George Bruce Evans, training ship for boys, Portland
10 July 1906Sold to Castle for breaking up at Charlton, after boys' training became shore based at Shotley near Ipswich

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