HMS Esk (1854)
HMS Esk (1854)

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NameEsk (1854)Explanation
Launched12 June 1854   
HullWooden Length192 feet
Builders measure1169 tons   
Displacement1900 tons   
Fate1870 Last in commission1867
Class  Class (as screw)Highflyer
Ships bookADM 135/159   
12 June 1854Launched at J. Scott Russell & Co., Millwall.
28 October 1854
- 25 February 1856
Commanded (from commissioning at Woolwich until paying off) by Captain Thomas Francis Birch, the Baltic during the Russian War
1 March 1856
- 26 June 1861
Commanded (from commissioning until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain Robert John le Mesurier McClure, East Indies and China (Pacific), where McClure commanded the division of the Naval Brigade before Canton during the 2nd Anglo-Chinese War
22 May 1863
- 29 April 1864
Commanded (from commissioning at Portsmouth) by Captain John Fane Charles Hamilton, New Zealand (until Hamilton was killed)
16 July 1864
- 17 October 1867
Commanded (until paying off at Portsmouth) by Captain John Proctor Luce, Australia
1870Broken up at Portsmouth.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 14 December 1854On Tuesday morning a large number of volunteers for ships stationed in the Black Sea, the screw steam corvettes Esk, Curlew, and Tartar, and for the steam troopship Perseverance, fitting out for the Mediterranean at Woolwich, Chatham, and Portsmouth, were draughted from Her Majesty's ship Crocodile, receiving-ship, off the Tower, to the abovementioned ports.
Tu 24 January 1865The ships of war on the Australian station at the date of the last advices were ? the Harrier, 17, Acting-Commander Swan, at New Zealand; the Miranda, 14, Capt. Jenkins, at Sydney; the Eclipse, 4, Commander Fremantle, at New Zealand; the Cura?oa, 23, Commodore Sir W. Wiseman, at New Zealand; the Esk, 21, Capt. Luice, at Sydney; the Falcon, 17, Commander Parkin, at New Zealand; and the Salamander, 4, Commander the Hon. J. Carnegie, at Sydney.

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