HMS Druid (1869)
HMS Druid (1869)

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NameDruid (1869)Explanation
Launched13 March 1869   
HullWooden Length220 feet
PropulsionScrew Men220
Builders measure    
Displacement1791 tons   
Fate1886 Last in commission1882
Ships bookADM 135/140   
13 March 1869Launched at Deptford Dockyard (last ship built there).
15 February 1872
- 28 March 1873
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Captain Maurice Horatio Nelson, west coast of Africa
28 March 1873
- 27 January 1874
Commanded by Captain William Hans Blake, west coast of Africa (until he died)
February 1874
- May 1874
Commanded by Acting Captain Percy Patt Luxmoore, west coast of Africa, then Sheerness
May 1874
- 14 December 1876
Commanded by Captain Arthur George Robertson Roe, North America and West Indies
18 February 1879
- 1 September 1882
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain William Robert Kennedy, North America and West Indies
10 November 1886Sold to Castle for breaking up at Charlton.

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