HMS Blanche (1867)
HMS Blanche (1867)

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NameBlanche (1867)Explanation
TypeSloop (1876: Corvette)   
Launched17 August 1867   
HullWooden Length212 feet
PropulsionScrew Men180
Builders measure1268 tons   
Displacement1682 tons   
Fate1886 Last in commission1881
Ships bookADM 135/47   
17 August 1867Launched at Chatham Dockyard.
7 January 1868
- 21 December 1871
Commanded (from commissioning at Chatham) by Captain John Eglinton Montgomerie, Australia
12 October 1871
- 27 November 1871
Commanded by Acting Captain Henry Joseph Challis, Australia
November 1871
- 23 November 1875
Commanded by Captain Cortland Herbert Simpson, Australia
4 September 1877
- 26 November 1881
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness until paying off at Sheerness) by Captain Charles George Frederick Knowles, West Indies
September 1886Sold to Castle for breaking up at Charlton.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Ma 12 July 1880It is proposed to pay off and lay up, after repair, at Devonport, during the present year the Achilles and Agincourt, now with the Channel Squadron, the Condor and Flamingo, now in the Mediterranean, but commissioned for special service in the Black Sea, the Wild Swan, from the East Indies, and the Modeste, Swinger, Sylvia, Hornet, and Midge from the China station. The two latter will pay off at Hongkong and be navigated home by a supernumerary crew is consequence of the majority of their officers and men having volunteered for other service upon the station. The Wivern will also pay off at Hongkong, but will remain as reserve drill ship upon that station. The Devonport reserve contingent will also be strengthened by the return of the Forward from the south-east coast of America, the Griffon from North America and the West Indies, and the Pelican, Penguin, and Shannon from the Pacific. Portsmouth will receive the Minotaur from the Mediterranean, and will be intrusted with her alteration and repair, for which £100,000 will be required, the Swallow and the Elk from the south-east coast of America, the Plover from North America, and the Hector, now Coastguard ship at Southampton. The Fawn, surveying vessel in the Sea of Marmora, having made a fairly accurate sketch of the bed of that sea during the three years she has been engaged on that duty, will return to Chatham to pay off and lay up, as also will the Téméraire from the Mediterranean, and the Tourmaline from the North American coast. Sheerness will have the repairing and charge of the Helicon from the Mediterranean, the Blanche from North America and the West Indies, the Osprey from the Pacific, and the Ruby, Spartan, and Vulture from the East Indies. During the year the Enchantress, the Orontes, the Jackal, the Orwell, and the Foxhound are to be re-commissioned, the latter at Hongkong.

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