Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for Donald McLeod Mackenzie appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
27 January 1894The death on Thursday is announced of Vice-Admiral Donald Macleod Mackenzie, of Eltham-house, Eltham. He was the sixth son of Sir George Steuart Mackenzie, of Coul. He was born in 1815, and entered the Navy in 1830. In 1841 he obtained a lieutenants commission, he being then a mate in the Iris, 26, on the coast of Africa. He subsequently served in the Excellent, Castor, 36, Powerful, 84, and Edinburgh, 60, sharing, while attached to the last-named, in the operations against Bomarsund. Immediately after the fall of that place he was promoted to be commander. In 1857 he returned to the Excellent, from which ship he was posted in 1859. As captain he commanded the Bacchante, flagship of Sir Thomas Maitland in the Pacific, and the Formidable, flagship of Sir Baldwin Walker, at the Nore. He retired in 1870. In 1876 he became a Rear-Admiral, and in 1881 a Vice-Admiral on the retired list. Admiral Mackenzie married in 1865 Dorothea, eldest daughter of the late Admiral Sir Michael Seymour.

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