O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Henry Shank Hillyar in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

HILLYAR. (Lieutenant, 1842.)

Henry Shank Hillyar is brother of Lieut. C. F. Hillyar, R.N.
This officer entered the Navy 24 Dec. 1831; passed his examination 14 May, 1838; and was employed, as Mate, during the latter part of the hostilities in China, on board the Cornwallis 72, flag-ship of Sir Wm. Parker. He attained his present rank 23 Dec. 1842; and since 18 March, 1843, has been serving in the Wolf 18, Capt. Arthur Vyner, and Wolverene 16, Capts. Wm. John Cavendish Clifford and John Chas. Dalrymple Hay, both on the East India station. On 19 Aug. 1845, as Senior of the latter vessel, he took command of her pinnace, and served with the boats of a squadron, carrying altogether 530 officers, seamen, and marines, at the destruction, under Capt. Chas. Talbot, of the piratical settlement of Malloodoo, on the north end of the island of Borneo, where the British encountered a desperate opposition, and sustained a loss of 6 men killed and 15 wounded. Agents ? Messrs. Ommanney.

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