O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Edmund Heathcote in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

HEATHCOTE. (Lieutenant, 1840.)

Edmund Heathcote entered the Navy 19 Dec. 1828; passed his examination in 1833; and attained his present rank 10 Jan. 1840. His appointments have since been, at first as Additional, but latterly as Senior Lieutenant – 19 March, 1840, to the President 50, flag-ship in South America of Rear-Admiral Chas. Bayne Hodgson Ross – 25 Feb. 1841, and 27 June, 1844, to the Electra 18, Capts. Edw. Reeves Philip Mainwaring, Philip Gostling, and Arthur Darley, and Eurydice 26, Capt. Geo. Elliot, both on the North America and West India station – and 8 July, 1846, to the Constance 50, Capt. Sir Baldwin Wake Walker, with whom he is now serving in the Pacific.
He married, in 1844, Elizabeth Lucy, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Law, K.H., commanding the Royal Newfoundland Companies.

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