O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for William Hutchinson in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

HUTCHINSON. (Commander, 1827. f-p., 24; h-p., 33.)

William Hutchinson entered the Navy, in Aug. 1790, as A.B., on board the Nassau 64, Capt. Andrew Sutherland, from which ship, after serving in the Channel, he was discharged, as Midshipman, in Feb. 1791. Between the commencement of the French revolutionary war in 1793 and Aug. 1804, he appears to have been employed on the Home station, chiefly as Master’s Mate, Second Master, Pilot, and Acting-Lieutenant, in the Bellerophon 74, Capt. (afterwards Rear-Admiral) Thos. Pasley (one of Lord Howe’s victorious fleet on the memorable 1 June), Caroline gun-brig, Capt. Benj. Butler, Garland 28, Capt. John Erskine Douglas, Robert gun-brig, and Union schooner, each commanded by himself, Woolwich, Lieut.-Commander John Cox, Galikheid 64, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Edw. Thornbrough, and Ruby 64, and Eagle 74, both under the orders of Capt. David Colby. He was officially promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and appointed to the command of the El Corso, 9 Feb. 1805; and he was afterwards employed – in 1807, as an Agent for Transports in the North Sea and Baltic, on the coasts of Spain and Portugal, and in the Mediterranean – from Oct. to Dec. 1809, in command of the Brevdrageren 12, off Heligoland – from 14 May to 5 June, 1810, as First-Lieutenant, in the Thisbe 28, flag-ship of Hon. Sir Henry Edwin Stanhope in the river Thames – during the next 13 months in command of various small vessels on the rivers Elbe, Weser, and Ems – from Aug. 1811 until Aug. 1814, and from April to Oct. 1815, in command of the Hope, Pigmy, and Earnest gun-brigs, on the Irish, Channel, Baltic, Mediterranean, and North Sea stations – from 21 March, 1816, until March, 1819, in the Ordinary at Chatham – and, we believe, from 14 Sept. 1820 until advanced to his present rank 1 Dec. 1827, in command of the Plumper gun-brig, on the Cork station. His last appointments were – 21 July, 1829, to the Coast Guard, in which he served for a period of nearly three years – and, 20 Oct. 1840, to the command of the Victory 104, Capts. Fras. Erskine Loch and Wm. Wilmott Henderson, guard-ship at Portsmouth. He has been on half-pay since Oct, 1843.

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