O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Frederick Warden in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

WARDEN. (Captain, 1845. f-p., 20; h-p., 7.)

Frederick Warden was born 18 Nov. 1807.
This officer entered the Royal Naval College 1 June, 1820; and embarked, 1 June, 1822, as a Volunteer, on board the Espiègle 18. He was employed next, from 23 of the same month until 17 Oct. 1825, as Admiralty-Midshipman, in the Phaeton 46, Capts. Wm. Augustus Montagu and Henry Evelyn Pitfield Sturt, on the Home, West India, and Mediterranean stations; and from 21 Oct. 1825 until 25 Oct. 1827, as Admiralty-Midshipman and Mate (he passed his examination 4 July, 1827), in the Volage 28 and Blanche 46, Capts. Hon. Rich. Saunders Dundas and Wm. Bowen Mends, in the East Indies and South America. The Phaeton was attached to the blockading force before Algiers during the dispute with the Dey in 1824. In Jan. 1828 Mr. Warden joined, as Admiralty-Mate, the Isis 50, Capt. Sir Thos. Staines, in the Mediterranean; and on 18 Sept. following he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. His succeeding appointments were, 16 March, 1831, and 31 May, 1834, to the Barham 60, Capt. Sir Hugh Pigot, and Thalia 46, flag-ship of Sir Patrick Campbell – the former on the Mediterranean, the latter on the Cape of Good Hope station, where he continued employed as First-Lieutenant until 1838. On the Thalia being paid off he was promoted, 6 June in that year, to the rank of Commander. From 12 Aug. 1840, until 15 May, 1845, Capt. Warden served in the Medea steamer, on his old station the Mediterranean. At first he was engaged in the operations on the coast of Syria and at the blockade of Alexandria. On 20 Nov. 1840 the accidental explosion of a shell wounded him badly in the right hand and arm. He afterwards commanded an expedition sent to the river Xanthus to collect the antiquities known as the “Xanthian Marbles,” and now in the British Museum. For this service he received the public thanks of the Admiralty and of the Trustees of the Museum. He attained his present rank 24 July, 1845, and has since been on half-pay.
Capt. Warden married, 14 July, 1846, Ellen, youngest daughter of the late Vice-Admiral Henry Garrett, of Anglesey. Agents – Messrs. Stilwell.

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