O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Charles James Postle in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

POSTLE. (Commander, 1845.)

Charles James Postle passed his examination in 1831; and on the occasion of his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, 6 July, 1836, was appointed Additional of the Caledonia 120, flag-ship of Sir Josias Rowley on the Mediterranean station, where he next, 7 Jan. and 1 Nov. 1837, joined the Bellerophon 80 and Portland 52, Capts. Sam. Jackson and David Price. His succeeding appointments were – 4 Aug. 1838, to the Pilot 16, Capt. Geo. Ramsay, on the North America and West India station, where he was superseded in Aug. 1839 20 April, 1840, for a few months, to the Vanguard 80, Capt. Sir David Dunn, again in the Mediterranean – 30 July, 1841, to the Coast Guard – and, 12 Jan, 1842 and 6 Oct. 1843, to the command of the Lizard and Flamer steam-vessels, the former of which was run down and sunk by the French steamer Véloce 24 July, 1843. Preparatory to his return to England Lieut. Postle had the gratification, in Dec. 1845, of receiving a most complimentary and flattering address, signed by the Chairman, Deputy- Chairman, and members of the Exchange Committee of Gibraltar, expressive of the deep sense they entertained of the numerous obligations they owed him for the prompt and efiicient manner in which he had at all times, both in the Lizard and Flamer, rendered protection to the trade of the place; and of their admiration of the spirited manner in which he had, when occasion offered, exacted a proper respect for the British flag. The humane and devoted nature of the exertions he afforded, in the course of the same month, to the crew of the French steamer Pepin, wrecked between Azamoor and Mazagan, on the coast of Barhary, had the effect of eliciting a glowing letter of thanks as well from the Consul-General for France in Morocco as from the Consul of France at Gibraltar. The King of the French, too, being desirous of publicly testifying his appreciation of the noble conduct exhibited by Lieut. Postle, expressed his intention of conferring upon him the Cross of the Legion of Honour. The regulations of the British service, however, not permitting him to accept it, His Majesty presented him instead with a pair of valuable pistols, appropriately inscribed. He was promoted to the rank of Commander 12 Dec. 1845; and has been employed since 15 Aug. 1846 as an Inspecting-Commander in the Coast Guard at Dundalk, where, on 28 Jan. 1846, he again found means of rendering himself conspicuous by the services he performed on the occasion of the wreck of the cutter Lord Nelson, the owners of which, Messrs. Horsfall and Sons, of Liverpool, presented him with a silver box of great intrinsic value and of exquisite workmanship. Agents – Messrs. Stilwell.

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