O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Alexander Ellice in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

ELLICE. (Captain, 1831. f-p., 22; h-p., 19.)

Alexander Ellice entered the Navy, 2 Aug. 1806, as a Volunteer, on board the Crocodile, Capt. Geo. Edm. Byron Bettesworth; and, on afterwards joining, as Midshipman, the Tartar 32, was present, 15 May, 1808, in a severe action of an hour and a half with a Danish flotilla, near Bergen, on which occasion Capt. Bettesworth was killed. He continued to serve in the Tartar, under Capt. Joseph Baker, until transferred, in June, 1809, to the Victory 100, flag-ship in the Baltic of Sir Jas. Saumarez. From Jan. 1811, until June, 1813, he was afterwards employed in the Mediterranean, under Capt. Hon. Henry Duncan, in the Impérieuse 33; and during that period, among other services, he shared, 17 Aug. 1812, in a spirited skirmish with a powerful Neapolitan squadron in the Bay of Naples. Being promoted, from the Indus 74, Capt. Wm. Hall Gage, to the rank of Lieutenant, 30 Oct. 1813, Mr. Ellice subsequently joined – 18 Jan. 1814, the Caledonia 120, bearing the flag of Lord Exmouth, under whom he appears to have been soon afterwards present in a partial action with the Toulon fleet – 2 June, 1814, and 29 April, 1815, the Cossack 22, and Tenedos 38, commanded on the North American station by Capts. Lord Prudhoe, Hon. Robt. Rodney, and Hyde Parker – 6 March, 1816, the Minden 74, Capt. Wm. Paterson, in which ship, after participating in the battle of Algiers, he served for four years in the East Indies under the flag of Sir Rich. King – and, 27 May, 1822, as First-Lieutenant, the Jupiter 50, Capt. Geo. Augustus Westphall, employed on Particular Service. As Commander, a rank he attained 19 Feb. 1823, Capt. Ellice was stationed, for some months in 1831, off Oporto, in the Victor 18. Attaining Post-rank on 20 Dec. in that year, he was next appointed – 16 Aug. 1834, and 27 Aug. 1835, to the Ocean 80, and Howe 120, flag-ships at Sheerness of Hon. Chas. Elphinstone Fleeming – 6 Aug. 1841, to the Astraea 6, on the Falmouth station – and, 10 Sept. 1843, to the Packet service at Southampton, with his name on the books of the Victory. He has been on half-pay since 1846.
Capt. Ellice was appointed, 2 Dec. 1846, to succeed Sir Wm. Edw. Parry in the Comptrollership of Steam Machinery. He married, 28 Sept. 1826 Lucy Frances, daughter of the late Chas. Locke, Esq and grand-daughter of the late Duchess of Leinster. Agents – Messrs. Stilwell.

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