O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Arthur Farquhar in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

FARQUHAR. (Commander, 1844.)

Arthur Farquhar entered the Navy 13 March, 1829; passed his examination in 1835; and for his services as Mate of the Princess Charlotte 104, flag-ship of Sir Robt. Stopford, during the operations on the coast of Syria, including the bombardment of St. Jean d?Acre, was awarded a commission, dated 4 Nov. 1840. He was afterwards appointed ? 26 Aug. 1841, to the Excellent gunnery-ship at Portsmouth, Capt. Sir Thos. Hastings ? and, in 1843, for Particular Service, to the Tyne 26, Caledonia 120, and Volage 26, as Flag-Lieutenant to Rear-Admiral Wm. Bowles. He attained his present rank 2 Dec. 1844; and, since 5 Nov. 1846, has been in command of the Albatross 16, on the coast of Africa. Agent ? Joseph Woodhead.

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