O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for John Coghlan Fitzgerald in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

FITZGERALD. (Capt, 1841. f-p., 17; h-p., 12.)

John Coghlan FitzGerald entered the Navy, 1 May, 1818, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Impregnable 98, Capt. Hon. Pownoll Bastard Pellew, bearing the flag at Plymouth of Lord Exmouth; proceeded, towards the close of the same year, to the Cape of Good Hope, in the Iris 26, Capt. Geo. Rennie; and, from July, 1821, until 18 April, 1825, served, as Midshipman and Mate, on the North America and West India station, in the Atholl 28, Capt. Henry Bourchier, Isis 50, flag-ship of Sir Lawrence Wm. Halsted, and Speedwell schooner, commanded by Messrs. Wm. Langford Castle and Chas. Bolton, Mates. He then, having passed his examination in Sept. 1823, became First-Lieutenant of the Icarus 10, Capt. John Geo. Graham; and, on 22 March, 1826, he was appointed to the Forte 44, Capt. Jeremiah Coghlan, on the South American station. For his conduct on the night of 26 Aug. 1827, in capturing, with the boats of that ship under his orders, the Convencion. Argentina a piratical vessel, together with her prize, the Anne of Workington, Mr. FitzGerald was placed by the Lord High Admiral on the List for promotion, and, on a vacancy occurring, 27 Nov. 1829, he was appointed to the Alert 18. Returning home from South America in Feb. 1832, he afterwards joined ? 19 March, 1835, the Coast Guard ? 30 May, 1839, the Magnificent 72, bearing the broad pendant at Jamaica of Commodore Peter John Douglas ? and, 15 March, 1841, the Racehorse 18, stationed in North America and the West Indies. On resigning the command of the latter vessel, in consequence of his promotion to Post-rank, which had taken place 23 Nov. 1841, Capt. FitzGerald, in April, 1842, was intrusted by Sir Chas. Adam, the Commander-in-Chief, with an important mission to Guatemala, in Mexico, where he succeeded in inducing a compliance with the demands of the British Government. Since 20 March, 1845, he has been in command of the Vernon 50, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral Sam. Hood Inglefield on the south-east coast of America and East India stations. Agents ? Coplands and Burnett.

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