O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Edward Collier in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

COLLIER. (Commander, 1845. f-p., 29: h-p., 11.)

Edward Collier, born 25 Dec. 1793, is brother of Lieut. Jas. Collier, R.N., who was mortally wounded when boarding a Spanish prison-ship at Cadiz, in May, 1810.
This officer entered the Navy, 3 April, 1807, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the Téméraire 98, Capt. Sir Chas. Hamilton, lying in Portsmouth Harbour, and, on 6 May, 1808, became Midshipman of the Neptune 98, Capt. Sir Thos. Williams, on the West India station. Removing next to the Belleisle 74, Capts. Wm. Chas. Fahie and Geo. Cockburn, he assisted at the reduction of Martinique, in Feb. 1809, and also in the ensuing expedition to Walcheren. From Oct. 1809, until Aug. 1815, Mr. Collier further served on board the Euryalus 36, Capts. Hon. Geo. Heneage Lawrence Dundas and Chas. Napier, and during that period was actively employed in the Mediterranean, North America, and Channel. In Aug. 1814, he assisted in the operations against Alexandria, and on one occasion, while in command of the ship’s barge, was attacked by Commodore Rodgers, and lost 7 men in killed and wounded. For his conduct in subsequently boarding a sloop off Havre de Grace, Mr. Collier was promoted, 28 Feb. 1815, to the rank of Lieutenant. His after-appointments appear to have been – 8 Sept. 1818, to the Hyperion 36, Capt. Thos. Searle, whom he ultimately accompanied to South America – 5 March, 1825, to the Coast Blockade, as Supernumerary Lieutenant of the same ship, then commanded by Capt. Wm. Jas. Mingaye – 30 April, 1827, to the Windsor Castle 74, Capt. Edw. Durnford King, employed at Lisbon during the evacuation of the British army – 3 Oct. 1828, as First, to the Ranger 28, Capt. Wm. Walpole, lying at Chatham – 8 Jan. 1829, in a similar capacity, to the Galatea 42, Capt. C. Napier, engaged on various Particular Services – 10 July, 1832, and 11 Sept. 1839, to the successive command of the Goldfinch and Lyra, Falmouth packets – and, 31 Oct. 1843, again as Senior Lieutenant, to the Caledonia, flag-ship at Devonport of Sir David Milne. Since his last promotion, 1 May, 1845, Commander Collier has been on half-pay.
He married, 20 Jan. 1816, Isabella Mary, second daughter of the late Capt. John Montgomery, of the 15th Foot, and has had issue four children.

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