O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for William Warren in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

WARREN, C.B. (Captain, 1841.)

William Warren was born in Jan. 1798.
This officer entered the Navy, in March, 1811, as Midshipman, on board the Loire 38, Capt. Alex. Wilmot Schomberg; under whom he was for some time employed in the same ship and in the York 74. He served afterwards as Master?s Mate in the Antelope 50, flag-ship of Rear-Admiral John Harvey, Bulwark 74, Capt. Sam. Warren, Gloucester 74, bearing the flag of Sir Edw. W. C. R. Owen, and in personal command of the Assiduous 3, all on the West India station; where, having displayed much activity in the suppression of piracy, and having passed his examination as far back as 1817, he was made Lieutenant, 9 Feb. 1825, into the Britomart 10, Capt. Octavius Vernon Harcourt. Returning to England, we believe, in 1826, he was next, 30 Jan. 1828, appointed to the Grasshopper 18, Capts. Abraham Crawford and Chas. Deare; under the former of whom he again proceeded to the West Indies; on which station we find he assumed command, 31 Aug. 1829, of the Speedwell schooner of 5 guns. In her he made prize, 6 April, and 3 and 25 June, 1832, of three slave vessels, the Planeta, Aquila, and Indagadera; one of whom, the Aquila, was greatly superior in force to the Speedwell, and was not taken until after a well-fought action. For these and other services Mr. Warren was advanced to the rank of Commander 31 Aug. 1832. He was subsequently, 18 July, 1837, appointed to the Hyacinth 18, fitting for the East Indies; whence in 1840 he sailed with the expedition to China. On 7 Jan. 1841 we find him ably seconding the present Sir Thos. Herbert, whose best thanks he obtained for his co-operation in the attack upon Chuenpee. For his zeal in the ensuing March at the capture of Canton, where he had command of the western division of boats, he again elicited the acknowledgments of Capt. Herbert, who declared that ?too much praise could not be given to him, his officers and crew, for the manner in which the Hyacinth was conducted through the intricate and difficult tracks and channels of the river, piloted by Commander Belcher.? In the second attack upon Canton, in May, 1841, Capt. Warren bore a most conspicuous part; he, however, to adopt the words of the late gallant Sir Humphrey Le Fleming Senhouse, ?only continued on that path of able and judicious service on which he had so long travelled.? As a reward for his exertions he was advanced to his present rank by a commission bearing date 6 May, 1841; and was nominated a C.B. 14 Oct. following. He returned to England towards the close of the latter year (he had previously acted as Captain of the Volage 26); and since 20 July, 1847, has been in command of the Trincomalee 24, on the North America and West India station.
Capt. Warren married, 15 April, 1842, at Leatherhead, Mary Anne Gray, second daughter of W. Stanley Clarke, Esq. Agent ? J. Hinxman.

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